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Voice Mail to Email Services - Pc to Phone
I Connect Here - PC 2 Phone
Net2phohne - Pc 2 Phone 
PCPhone - Pc to Phone

For all other countries including India, Pakistan and UAE, you can use the Phone Hog Service, which allows you to call any phone number in the world via there 1800 number, which you can call using the FREE PHONE TO USA service.

Voice Mail Number in USA Or Other Places 
Fax Number in USA or Europe 
FreeVoice Mail
It will forward Calls of your UK Phone line to your normal phone number, in the US, Canada  or most of the Europe.

Voice Mail  Service

Laser Mail - FREE Voice Mail Service

1800 Number on your Number

Kall8 Low cost Toll Free on your normal number, No Monthly Charge - Great to call home when you are outside the home, and don't have change in the pocket

IS800 - Superb Pre paid 1800 service, works great.

Internet Call Waiting / Answering Machine

Free Internet Answering Machine
See Who is calling you while being online  



Telephone to Telephone Devices

Visit - - Lets you call from your normal phone to anywhere in the world for 5 cents or if you have a super phone, Then you can call another Super Phone for FREE..

Virtual Phone Line Service - Gives users a USA Phone line anywhere on the planet. Starting 4.95$Us a month to 99$Us a month for unlimited calls to United States.

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PC to PC Phone Services

Yahoo - Pager and voice chat service.
Msn Messenger - Chat and Voice Chat
PalTalk - Pc to pc voice chat

Net meeting.  - Windows own free pc to pc phone service

Fax to Email service

US Fax 2 email (Free)
Seattle,WA USA Fax 2 Email
UK Fax to Email Number
Malaysian Fax to Email 
Other Countries 


Free 20 Min Calling Card by Phonehog



Free 50 Min Calling Card 
Free 50 Min Calling Card by tele3
Free 20 Min Calling Card by Phonehog - no computer needed